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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Wonder Method™?

The Wonder Method™ is a model that can affect every aspect of your life.  It is based on unfolding stuck feelings. With this work you can do healing for yourself and others, affecting both the physical and emotional levels.  You will also improve your ability to perceive energy and will find your life affected on many levels. The techniques are quite simple to learn and are incredibly far reaching in effect.

What makes The Wonder Method™ different from other classes in energy work that I have taken?

The Wonder Method™ operates on a number of different levels in your system and also changes the way you operate in the world. Its major focus initially is to unwind the feelings/emotions that are limiting your life.  This is so far reaching that it is very difficult to describe, but as you unwind you will find yourself changing in how you relate to others, and even in how you experience your world.  It is a very experiential process.  By this, we mean you physically feel the differences in both how you feel and how you approach life.  The nuances are subtle, yet profound.  The statement from the Tao te Ching “Less and less do you need to force things until you arrive at non-action, when nothing is done, nothing is left undone” begins to have deep significance.

Do I have to practice regularly to have this method work?

Yes, life is an on-going process and as such things happen throughout your day that would benefit from applying The Wonder Method™. The process often takes less than a minute to do, when applied properly.

I notice that your classes are limited to a comparatively small group of students, why is that?

Unlike many of the classes out there that try to pack as many into the room as possible while you see what you can get from the lectures; our goal is to make sure that people really understand how to do our work.  As each exercise is explained not only do we answer questions, we actually have you demonstrate the technique to us.  When you do this, we sense how the energy in your system is affected by the exercises and show you how to refine your ability till you “get it”.  We are interested in offering you high quality, repeatable experiences.  Our job is to empower you.  We desire to help you become everything you can with the teachings we are offering.  To this end we do everything we can to help you understand the work.

How are you able to coach someone without seeing them?

With energy there is no distance.  What can be sensed about a person when they are present, can be sensed just as easily long distance.  We have been coaching people in this way both in private sessions and in group sessions for more than ten years.

What are the different things you can do with The Wonder Method™?

What you can apply this work to is really unlimited.  As feelings are the basic stuff underlying how you approach any problem or situation, they have deep significance to every aspect of your life.  As these issues unwind you will change how you do things because you are operating from a very centered place.

This applies to:

  • How you run your business
  • How you interact in your relationships, both personal and professional
  • How you create your reality
  • Having the ability to experience expanded levels of consciousness that are repeatable and sustainable
  • How healthy you are
  • How fast you heal
  • This list is truly endless

This all sounds very Zen, do I need to meditate or hold special beliefs?

No, you apply this work at need.  In other words, when something happens to push your buttons, you apply the process.  As you apply the model, any belief or feeling that appears to limit you is what gives you the opportunity to grow, it is your access point.

What about doing energy healing work, how does that fit into The Wonder Method™?

The healing aspect of this work is very simple; feeling is the entry point to it all.  Using The Wonder Method™ opens both you and the clients you work with. This in turn leads to deep change at every level for a client, encompassing their physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

How does this work compare to the Quantum-Touch Core Transformation work you used to teach?

While there are some similarities to the Core work, The Wonder Method™ simplifies the healing process and increases the state of being present. It is also applicable to every aspect of your life, not energy work alone.  In addition The Wonder Method™ goes deeply into the emotions that are holding us locked, as this is an integral part of The Wonder Method™ work.

Do I need to figure out where the emotions come from?

No, in this work we actually prefer that you don’t do that.  Every moment of every day you will supply everything that you need to work with. Again, it is simple and leads to a deeply relaxing empowering state of being. It puts you back into the driver’s seat in your life.  It does require effort, and you must be willing to feel.

I already know how to feel, what is different about what you are doing?

This is very different than what you are used to. It is not about the drama in life that is causing the feelings, it is both simpler and more complex than that. We can say that once you try it you will be amazed how wonderful it feels and how it changes your life.

I have always been interested in altered states and connecting to my higher self, does this work have anything to do with that?

Yes, the states that The Wonder Method™ allows you to enter are deeply moving.  The idea of the higher self and states like Kundalini energies unfold naturally from the work.  Often in the time that it takes to do the course you will find you can get to places you had only imagined before.

What about becoming enlightened (that has been one of my lifelong desires)?

Many people have different views of what this means.  As you apply The Wonder Method™, you will find that in a matter of weeks, sometimes months, when properly applied, you have a sense, (a knowingness if you will) that you simply are.  The striving dissipates, the need to achieve or be better than someone or something, changes.  By simply being, you will find that while you now understand that you could do anything you desire, you don’t have to do it.  Life becomes an opportunity versus a striving.  You are no longer driven by the fears that used to motivate you to try and try; life simply unfolds.  You are now motivated by what would bring you balance and joy; your world will bit by bit reflect this balance.  This is one of the definitions of enlightenment.

Why does The Wonder Method™ work so fast?

Because we do not try to push or change things, there is less resistance created and therefore things unfold more easily.  This is a very Yin or soft concept.


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What People Are Saying


I liked everything, all the people, the teaching… having a manual to follow, clear instructions, gentle guidance, music, the hands on learning, the laughs and pictures and sharing… and the energy of the group… It was a very enjoyable class… It was wonderful having such step by step guidance to learn the process. Thank you, Namaste! –T.S.