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The Wonder Method Level 1 # 03

June 6, 2021

10:30 AM BST / London Time – 12:30 PM BST / London Time

2 hours on Sundays, 6 weeks long class, maximum 4 students per class
• Time 10:30am – 1230 am BST/London time
• Starting Sunday 6th June 2021 to Sunday 11 July 2021

Live on Zoom

Dr. Amina Shaaban

$350 per person

Price covers Sundays sessions, that last 2 hours each, for 6 weeks

Please pay here -

The Wonder Method is very gentle, kind, and sweet. It promotes being, rather than doing, encouraging effortless action in alignment with our own nature, rather than striving and struggling with what is not from our own place of balance. In fact the more we align with our natural best self, the more we achieve – with minimum effort!

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Thought for the Week


What is an open experience? No boundaries. Any boundary found or experienced only serves to show us our next opportunity to unwind. Apply it. Every time you do greater balance will be yours. Enjoy. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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