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The Wonder Method Level 1, Class #20


February 7, 2022 –
March 14, 2022

TIME (GMT/London Time):

8:00 pm –
10:00 pm

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Dr. Amina Shaaban, MD
Live on Zoom
2 hours class on mondays for six consecutive weeks, maximum 6 students per class. class start at 8:00 pm london time/GMT, class finish 10:00 pm london time/GMT first class start on monday 07 February 2022 last class on monday 14 march 2022
Dr. Amina Shaaban, MD
300 British pounds per person
Pricing Details:
the course costs £300 british pounds per person for the whole duration of the course. covers 2 hours classes every monday, for six consecutive weeks. if you are repeating this same course with me, you get discount of £50 british pounds, you pay £250 british pounds please pay here : or visist in case of queries please email:

The Wonder Method is very gentle, kind and sweet. it promote being rather than doing, encouraging effortless action in alignment with our own nature. Rather than striving and struggling with what is not from our own place of balance. In fact the more we align with our natural best self, the more we achieve- with minimum effort!


maximum 6 students per class

I will give you individual coaching, guidance and feedback

email support in between classes, send your questions to

student are encouraged to practice with other students in between classes.

handout emailed to students before the course start

audio clip of the class session emailed to students

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