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The Wonder Method Level 1 “Live” or “Virtual”

June 21, 2020

10am – 5.30pm


Edinburgh, Scotland, UK or ONLINE

Deborah Gair


Willing for an Adventure..?!  🙂

Held either in the gorgeous, leafy-green West End of Scotland’s historical capital, Edinburgh, home to Harry Potter and just minutes walk from Waverley train station, Platform 9¾, the venue is the prestigious Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, creator of Sherlock Holmes…. or, virtually, (subject to the global travel situation) from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the Wonder of YOU-ness.

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Thought for the Week


We have been taught that everything we do in life is about achievement, about reaching goals and once achieved; start a new one.  For, if we are not striving, we are going backward.  This cycle never allows us to enjoy our life for we are constantly incomplete. However, if we are willing to feel and unwind this need to constantly strive, we set ourselves free from this limiting view, all possibilities are now ours.   Enjoy your new freedom.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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