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The Wonder Method Level 1 – The Art of Awakening


May 15, 2023 –
May 18, 2023
8:00 am –
11:00 am

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3 Hours Each Day for 4 days in a row Monday-Thursday, May 15-18 2023
Tyler Odysseus

10 Years ago I began writing The Wonder Method with Alain Herriott and we published it September 30th 2016.  I have been teaching The Wonder Method for over 10 years at this point, as well as my own variation on The Wonder Method called Yin Energy Healing & The Art of Awakening. This class will lead you to emotional healing, awakening, enlightenment, all through teaching you how to do Energy Work and authentically process your emotions. See below for more details: I look forward to teaching you and having you in class.

Note: In my experience teaching this for 10 years, there is a significant advantage to doing the class on consecutive days in terms of how deeply you can enter a state of presence.

-Tyler Odysseus


You are already be an amazing energy worker and are already helping everyone around you.  Have you ever wanted to feel a deep sense of presence while you work?  Have you wanted a faster way to heal, and a more effective way to do emotional healing?  This class is the perfect opportunity to relearn to feel the pure underlying joy of just being alive, that is within all of us.  The only reason this isn’t felt all day long is because we need to release the old emotions that are holding in waiting to be released.  Once they come into harmony the automatic joy of simply being alive begins to emerge like sunbeams through the clouds.  This process is so joyful, and transforms you into a powerful energy worker simply through the power of your presence.  On the way there, we develop the ability to shift your energetic state to allow you to do effective energy work no matter where you are.  These energy work techniques combined with authentic feeling will transform you on the deepest level and begin your journey to true awakening.

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