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The Wonder Method – Level 1 Online #25

August 24, 2021

20:00 (CET - Paris time) – 22:00 (CET - Paris time)

2 hours ±15min
Every Tuesday for 6 weeks

Please note the timezone is 8 pm Paris time.
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Janvier Sabatès


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What is The Wonder Method?

I offer very small classes, up to 5 people at a time because you will receive one-on-one coaching, and I want to spend as much time with each of you as needed.

Here are some reactions to the course from past students :

“I just can’t say enough good things about it! It’s changed my life!” T.
“I think I can say that this course is like a new superpower that it’s hidden in all of us, and through this course, we start to be connected with this superpower that we all of us have” B.
“The wonder method is a method that everyone should learn, everyone! Especially children and teenagers, teachers should know about this. Wouldn’t it be nice if sometime in the future it would be just like a given to learn this at school? I can imagine that the world would be such a much better place if people would learn how to process emotions and sensations, especially children and teenagers with tough backgrounds. If they just knew about this… It’s just such a wonderful tool for life; you can get through life without it being so hard. I had a lot of aha moments taking this class; I didn’t expect it to be that you’d be coaching on us in this way. That you would be able to feel what we are feeling and stuff like that, so that was such a great help. It was amazing because when do you really sit down to notice the sensations that are going on inside of you and then for you to um be able to pinpoint stuff and point things out and say ‘okay, you’re feeling the openness right now’ and stuff like that it was so helpful. I think it’s going to be such a great tool for sessions also. So I’m very, very grateful for it, and I’m looking forward to level two!” T.

Looking forward to teaching you this wonderful method!

Energy Healing with The Wonder Method™ is a model that can affect every aspect of your life. It is based on giving you greater access to your feelings while at the same time affecting the physical and emotional levels.
It’s a very gentle and very Yin way to do healing work. It’s not strict and exclusive; you can combine it with any modality you currently use, especially hypnosis. But it’s so fast and effective; you might not want to use anything else after this ;)

It’s a very Tao approach: being, not doing. The less you “do,” the more effective it is. The whole thing is counter-intuitive, but it works great! We don’t try to achieve anything but simply experience, and in doing so, the “side-effect” is healing or emotional release. It might shake a few of your beliefs; I know it changed most of what I believed before taking the course and totally changed my outlook on life.

With this method, you can:

  • Experience emotional and physical healing for yourself and others
  • Use your “baggage” to heal yourself.
  • Free yourself from the drama of your life
  • Go back to your true self.
  • Learn to deal with any emotion
  • Live life with less mental and emotional boundaries
  • Free yourself from the seemingly inescapable effect your emotions have on you
  • Manifest a life you would want to live.
  • Increase your sensitivity by orders of magnitude
  • Managing said sensitivity, no longer being overwhelmed by it.
  • Feel others with tremendous precision
  • Experience true oneness
  • Much, much more
The Wonder Method is about feeling the sensation behind old, seemingly stuck emotions and releasing them forever. Much of our suffering is due to negative emotional energies that cause pressure or tension within us. This is a simple and powerful method of feeling and unwinding these sensations. 

The central premise is that everything has a sensation and can, therefore, be felt, and by feeling the issues that come up in your life, you can either remove limitations. 

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Thought for the Week


The Tao te Ching in Stephen Mitchells translation says in #2

When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly.  When people see some things as good, other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.  

Difficult and easy support each other.  Long and short define each other.

High and low depend on each other.  Before and after follow each other…….

Comparisons, in our lives we tend to compare most everything.  It is how we relate to different experiences and it is what underlies our need to Judge.  While these comparisons have their place, the need to be right or wrong, to justify an action, leads us deeper into drama vs balance.  The art of sensating is what allows us to move beyond the need to be right or wrong, to bypass the mind and enter being.  We invite you to feel the sensations that arise within you, especially when feeling conflict, and to let them change, evolve and in so doing allowing yourself to BE.

~Alain & Jody Herriott

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