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The Wonder Method™ Level I #39


March 2, 2024 –
April 6, 2024

TIME (Pacific):

1:30 pm –
3:30 pm

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Zoom – link to be announced
This workshop is taught live by Aimee (from California/Pacific Time). We meet online for 2 hours over 6 Saturdays: 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30, and 4/6. I offer email support in-between classes and each class is recorded so you may download the recording and play back at your leisure. Calculate your time zone:
Aimee Hanson
Pricing Details:
Price is in US dollars. I accept payment using stripe or venmo (email me for payment link by clicking Register Now button) or you can mail me a check. My previous students are welcome to repeat this class for $400. Please text or email me in order to activate the past-student-discount.

Need to get back in sync with yourself?

Looking to quit pesky habits?

Learn to heal your and others’ energy.

Ignoring the energetic imbalances in your body cause you to be stuck in negative thinking and pesky habits. Your future self needs a balanced energy system in order to spend more time in your purpose rather than being robbed by stress and chaos.

Stop obsessing over all-the-things. When worry, fear and anxiety hit .. it’s a real struggle. With the wonder method, you don’t have to think positive thoughts. You just need to practice the steps … and let the method work it’s wonder.

In this workshop we will explore healing your physical or emotional issues (you know your crazy sister-in-law? Get her two) using the wonder method.

Class consists of me lecturing and demonstrating the wonder method while providing plenty of student practice time, with my feedback, so that you understand each step. 

Past students have said:

🦋 “Thank you so much for guiding us through your course. We both had a really enjoyable experience and couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out. You have a relaxed approach to TWM, teaching and life in general – which is very inspiring and heartwarming.” Raymond Rodhyll

🦋 “I loved practicing TWM with Aimee and having her gently encourage me to go slowly, stay below the neck, be gentle, no need to hurry. She said all the right and helpful things that I needed to hear in order to FEEL the Wonder process. She was generous with her time and I never felt rushed. I had read the book so I understood the method but without the help of a mentor it seemed beyond my grasp. I loved the 6-week time table, although we went beyond as I couldn’t make one class. I highly recommend Aimee as a teacher. She embodied the work!” – Lauren T

🦋 “I loved this class and how easy it was to incorporate it into my everyday life. It has brought me such ease and peace. I feel well-equipped and inspired to continue on my journey as an energy healer, thanks to the guidance and wisdom I’ve gained from Aimee.” – MB

🦋 “Aimee is a wonderful teacher! Her insights, imagery, and powerful command of The Wonder Method made it so easy to learn. She made sure I was comfortable with a technique before moving on to the next, and thoughtfully answered all of my questions. She is a beautiful shining soul and I am so grateful to call her my teacher.” DP

🦋 “I am grateful to have had Aimee as my energy healing instructor and coach. Her teaching style is infused with genuine passion for the subject. Aimee provided valuable insights, practical techniques, and encouraged hands-on experience, I especially appreciated her 15 minute 1:1 practice calls that were part of the class experience. Wonderful, Aimee!” SS

🦋 Embarking on the journey of learning energy healing with Aimee has been a truly enriching experience. Her expertise in the field, coupled with a nurturing and encouraging teaching style, has been instrumental in my growth.” AA

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…

… here’s why mastering your emotions is important: When you feel and process your feelings, you are more available to respond to the always present creative flow of life (rather than being stuck in an emotional-loop of fear, worry and lack of clarity).

Imagine … Getting noticed at work for that promotion. Others listening to your ideas in meetings. Making new, inspiring friends. No longer being annoyed by others. Creating unshakable trust within your circle of influence. Being more present than before.

Being present aligns you with synchronous opportunities.


✨ Sense Yourself  I will teach you the techniques to perceive your energy.

✨ Be Present There are a few key steps here that are simple to learn. It takes practice to partner with your nervous system.

✨ Ease In Learn how to play the game of life with your rules. Stop numbing and hiding. Start solving problems in unique ways. Ease up.

✨ Revitalize You. Are. Pure. Life. Force. Energy.

✨ Go beyond the beyond.

Our 6 Weeks Together:

  • Week 1: Breathing + Wonder. We partner with our breath and experience the opening it offers.
  • Week 2: Letting In + Processing. A popular module, students enjoy practicing letting an issue in while experiencing an open state.
  • Week 3: Sensing + Easing. Emotions are subtle. In this method we allow them and experience them lightly. This is the class you learn to heal others.
  • Week 4: Gremlins + Boundaries. When the surf is really good, we say it’s going off. Similar to our emotions, if we’re going off then we can count on some internal waves. I will teach you to experience your energy so that the big waves won’t take you down like the mavericks. Transform the big kahuna into a mellow lull. Satisfy your senses.
  • Week 5: Perception + Movement. Returning to the source is serenity. Our nervous system lets us know when we’ve had a shift, which feels like tingling, a sense of warmth .. as if you are going from intensity to comparative ease .. a sense of melting within, or, of the mind going from active to quiet.
  • Week 6: Evolve + Practice. Evolve your understanding of how to sense what is going on inside yourself. It’s all about unwinding. You don’t need to go back to past habits. You have new tools, aligned with your intuition.
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