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The Wonder Method via Tele Conference level 1 # 57

October 27, 2020

6:00 pm PT – 8:00 PM PT

Six consecutive Tuesdays . Each class will be 2 hours long. Class dates are: Tuesday 6-8 pm October 27th November 3, 10, 17, 24 and December 1st for a total of 12 hours of instruction. Please note Daylight savings time ends in the US on Sunday November 1 adjust your times accordingly.

Tele-conference. The call-in phone number to be announced.

Alain Herriott


Cost: $350 (all prices are in US dollars). If you have taken this workshop before (either live or by tele-conference) you can repeat it for $250 but you must call or email us and have a coupon code sent to you in order to do so. Please call: 001-541-646-1955

We are pleased to offer you The Wonder Method™ by tele-conference. This 12 hour course will take place on 6 consecutive Tuesdays. Each class will last 2 hrs. Alain Herriott will lecture as well as have you demonstrate and practice each technique. He will endeavor to be sure that each student fully understands the techniques with one-on-one feedback. Class size is limited to 12 students to insure that each person is given ample individual attention to actually understand the material offered.

Attributes of the class:

  • Class size is limited to 12
  • Each student will receive a link to connect via Zoom
  • Class will be taught over the phone or Zoom
  • No travel required, learn it all in the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be.
  • Each person will receive individual feedback to insure a good understanding of the material.
  • You will get to do long distance work on others in breakout sessions and get feedback on how well that process is working from your partner as well as from Alain.
  • There will be a handout for the class that you will receive via email, for you to refer to during the class.
  • There is email support between classes.  Send your questions in and Alain will reply. Alain will also share any questions that he feels will be useful to everyone at the beginning of the next class time.
  • Each class will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to listen to it and play it back at your leisure.

How will this work benefit me?

Among other things you will be taught:

  • Techniques to help you unwind emotional issues that are bothering you.
  • How to achieve a quiet mind.  Some people describe it as Zen-like.
  • How to do healing work.
  • How to affect your reality.
  • How to set yourself free from Karma.
  • How to have a mind that is extremely flexible.
  • How to affect your business.
  • How to affect your relationships.
  • How to simply “be”.


Is it really possible to sense the energy over the phone?

Absolutely, Alain and Jody both have been doing this for years through both coaching and healing work.  Alain has also taught several courses in Seeing & Perceiving energy in just this manner very effectively.

What if I live out of the country, how can I call in economically?

You can call through Skype to the landline connections.  If you are unfamiliar with Skype you can read about it at This is very cost effective, costing only a few cents per minute.  Another option is google talk. There are also calling cards that are available to keep costs down.

Will my life truly change?

In our experience, having worked with hundreds of different students, the answer is Yes.  That said you do have to apply the work in order to have it work for you.  This is a day-to-day process that creates amazing results.

How fast will change occur?

This is extremely individual but most people will feel the effects of change within the first few hours of the course.  After the course, assuming you apply the material, most people find that things change a great deal over the next three weeks to three months.

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Thought for the Week


The willingness to feel may seem odd.  After all aren’t we feeling all the time?  Most of us are actually judging our feelings, naming things as good or bad and then living in reaction to that experience.  Most of the time everything feels like turmoil instead of harmony.  That’s why we need to feel our feelings at the sensation level.  Letting the sensations arise and allowing them to change through a gentle interface can lead us to greater balance and harmony.

~Alain & Jody Herriott
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