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Yin Energy Healing & The Art of Awakening Through Wonder Immersion


March 22, 2024 –
March 25, 2024
8:00 am –
8:00 am

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Zoom Virtual Retreat
9 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time 10 AM to 6 PM Mountain 11 AM to 7 PM Central 12 PM to 8 PM Eastern
Tyler Odysseus
Pricing Details:
1480 via Paypal. 1400 Via Zelle, Venmo, or mailed check.

I’ve put together a 4-Day Virtual Wonder Method Immersion, which I have taught many times, to allow you to master the Wonder Method techniques for healing and be used as a means to reaching states of Pure Presence bordering on enlightenment. These feelings of pure joy, bliss and presence are temporary at first but as you master the skills they will eventually allow you to achieve an enduring state of presence. During the 4 days we will review all of the Wonder Method Level 1 & 2 techniques, and will include new material such as the shifted state breath, the breath of presence, modified and adapted versions of every advanced technique from chapter 26 of the book, the frequency of presence and an additional 100% new material. If you have enjoyed the weekly class format, you must experience this immersion to see just how deep you can get in 4 days. At the end of a recent 4 day class, several students were in tears of gratitude for being shown how to connect so deeply and joyfully with themselves and the state of pure presence. Contact me directly for registration. I hope to see you there for this one, or another one soon.

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