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    I have many experiences to share from using the WM techniques so I would like to bring some stories to the forum.

    Most recently my mother brought up that she had headache while I was visiting with her. I sat behind her and place my hands on her shoulders. I began to open myself with my intent lightly touching on her issue. She commented that her body was tingling and she experienced swirling pressure inside her head with nowhere to go. I slightly shifted my focus to the swirling in the head issue while remaining open. Doing nothing. This continued for a few more breaths until I sensed I was looking for something to “work on”. I figured the issue may have left and I was looking for something else to work on. I asked if she had felt an relief and she commented that the pressure had lessened and her pain level had decreased. She smiled and thanked me.

    I don’t often get the chance to work with others in person but I was surprised with how quickly she noticed sensations. I am also surprised with how little I had to “do” to bring results.

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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi Cody,

    how wonderful that your mom felt the energies and felt a decrease in pain!
    I’m often hesitant to work on my mom because it feels tiring and she doesn’t seem to feel anything from it at all though I’ve felt the energies move on my side.

    Any suggestions on how I can improve on that?

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      Try doing distant work with your mother.. That is, don’t ask for permission first. Just begin your session without having to touch or be next to her. It’s mostly the same as working next to her. Maybe even while she is sleeping.

      As for the feeling of tiredness? It might be that you are trying too hard, or looking for or expecting results. The technique when stripped down is really simple. Place your attention on the issue and open yourself. We are feeling the issue, and wondering how it may find harmony or wholeness. Sometimes you can tell if you are trying too hard because it feels like you are pulling a string from the issue waiting for it to unravel. “Come on, where is the harmony?”. Just place your attention on the issue and very lightly present it with possibility. It doesn’t have to change. Your job is to say “here is the issue, and I’m letting it feel what infinite potential feels like”.

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      Bingjie Huang


      Hello Cody!

      thank you very much for your reply! I’m sorry I just saw it. I thought I subscribed to the forum and so I didn’t check back often enough.
      hmm. I think what frustrates me is that I often feel the issue opening very well on my side, but when I asked her it’s as if nothing has improved at all for her.

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    Hi Bingjie

    At the end of the day, the individual is responsible for their own state of well being. It seems like you are doing your part but she isn’t noticing improvement.. Im curious, have you tried wondering what it might be about if your mother decided to take a shift towards improvement, or well-being? What if she began to change her outlook?

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      Bingjie Huang


      Hello Cody,

      I tried several times to tune into my mom and do what you suggested.. but there seems to be very little motivation to tune into her now.. Either I’m having very large resistance towards doing more healing work on her.. or maybe I just don’t feel a need to work on her anymore..

      But I like your approach and will keep that in mind for other sessions. thank you!

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