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looking for a regular practice partner

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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi all!

    I’ve just completed TWM Level 2 and am saving up to get certified as a coach soon. Right now I’m a certified practitioner.

    I would love to find a fellow partner who does TWM regularly to help each other process our own issues more effectively.

    Please do email me at if you’re interested. We can meet up via Skype or FB chat or email for practice sessions.

    my site is if you’d like to know more about how I use the Wonder Method.

    Thank you!

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The mind’s default is “on”, a constant pressure or seeking if you will.  Accompanying this is a critical appraisal of all it encounters.  The pressure this creates within us is seldom released or even allowed to open at all.  Over time this creates even more pressure.  The art of feeling, of allowing experiences to evolve without being judged, is part of the art of the Wonder Method.  It is about learning to BE without constantly adding more pressure.  We learn to be part of the ever-expanding experience of sensation and knowledge.  This knowledge is there when we are no longer in conflict with ourselves.  Experience your sensations, it is always worth it.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott 

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