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    This can be the place where requests are made for assistance with healing, manifesting, processing etc.

    I’ll jump right into it then!

    My brother is traveling to Hilo, HI for university next semester and I would like to fly in and visit him and help him get settled (make him feel comfortable and help him organize like a responsible older brother). Im looking to find myself in a scenario where the money for the flight comes in quite easily. I’d be grateful if anybody feels like playing with this idea for a moment. 😀

    Please share any requests you have for yourself! Ill be checking back and looking to help.


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    Zak Rymill


    Hi everyone,

    I’ve been working at my 60 case studies over the last few months. I need a few more people to work on to complete them. I’m happy to work on any health issues and any other issues. Feedback so far has been quite remarkable and amazing. I am incredibly thankful for having the chance to learn the Wonder Method, it has opened up a door to a whole new world I wanted to get into but could not find a way and I checked out loads of the current healing methods on offer. I do hands on bodywork here in Hahei New Zealand and I’m finding I can go much deeper with the distance work over skype.

    If you would like to help me with my case studies and have one or more amazing sessions
    at no cost to yourself send me an email at

    best wishes

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    Zak Rymill


    Hi everyone,

    Case studies all finished now. The results I am getting from the work are deeply extraordinary with wonderful feedback from people. During a session I nearly always balance the 7 chakras on multiple levels, including etherically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, glands, organs, bones and muscles.

    best wishes

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