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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi all!
    I just recorded an audio that gives a short introduction on the wonder method, a 3-min silent meditation where I tune into the energies of Peace, and a short manifestation session for the listener to receive an unexpected blessing within 24 hours of listening to the audio.

    I’m pretty excited about this and would love some feedback on it! I can feel the energies but I’m not sure how it would feel like to other listeners, and also whether you’d detect the unexpected blessing in your life too!

    This audio is meant as an opt-in gift to my email newsletter subscription.
    Do drop me an email at if you are interested to listen to it! It’s around 6MB in size, in mp3 format.

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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi everyone!
    after much reflection and experimentation, I decided to post a podcast that helps you to tune into three different states: peace, joy and grace for one minute each, and to manifest an unexpected blessing within the next 24 hours.

    So here’s the link:

    would really appreciate your feedback as well as any other podcast ideas that can help demonstrate the use of the wonder method. Thank you!

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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi all! I had some issues with the previous audio files. So here’s my updated link:

    You’ll get to see two podcasts on using The Wonder Method. Enjoy and I’d really appreciate it if you could leave some feedback on it. Thank you!

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