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    Bingjie Huang


    Hi everyone!
    I just recorded a little love my body meditation for myself and I find it really useful, plus I’ve been losing a little weight everyday for the past 5 days. I pose each question as stated below, and do the wonder method for around 30-45 seconds, then I move on to the next question.

    Here are the questions I pose for myself to ‘wonder’ about:

    I wonder what I’m feeling in my body now.
    I wonder what it might be about (wwimba) for me to feel love and gratitude for my body.
    I wwimba for me to be perfectly in tune with what my body wants to eat and drink at any time of the day.
    I wwimba for me to feel love and gratitude for everything that I eat and drink.
    I wwimba for me to allow my body to move the way it wants to move.
    I wwimba for my body to look and feel absolutely fantastic in this dress!
    I wwimba for my body to weight …. kg.

    what experiences did you have on healing your body? I’d love to know!

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