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Janvier Sabatès

Janvier Sabatès
Coach, Instructor, Practitioner

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Janvier Sabatès

My name is Janvier Sabates (pronounced John-Vee-Air); I’m a Wonder Method instructor, a method to connect to the deepest level of your being. And in doing so, you balance out and harmonize the source of your issues, rather than resisting them or trying to eliminate them.

I’ve studied many different healing modalities. Still, I feel like The Wonder Method is so far beyond anything I’ve ever learned that I’ll devote all my attention to learning more about it and teach it to as many people as possible.

My classes follow Alain’s exact structure, 6-weeks online for 2 hours a week. I teach in both French and English. Check out my website for more information and to sign up to my wonder newsletter!


Thought for the Week


As we approach each day we are usually thinking about what needs to be done and how to go about it, who to contact and the rest of what we call accomplishing the day.  What if instead we gently orient from the inside, feeling our sensations, and choose to use this art of presence to accompany us throughout the day.  We would still get all the same things done and likely more.  The internal dialogue will be greatly reduced or simply gone.  The need to achieve will instead become more of a dance of “being” from moment to moment in simple exchanges of balance and wholeness.  We invite you to dance with us in the ever evolving game of being.   ~~Alain & Jody Herriott

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