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Sabine Van 'T Hart

Sabine’s mission is to boost people’s energy to enjoy life. As a certified health coach and nutritionist, she enhances the quality of her clients’ lives through the unique combination of nutrition and energy healing.

In 2013, she exchanged her successful career in the corporate world for pursuing her mission of empowering people to feel good in their body.

When her father passed away because of cancer, she learned how food impacts our wellbeing. This motivated her to become a certified Health Coach from the world’s largest nutrition school, IIN, New York. She continued her studies in nutrition, clinical weight loss, as well as hormonal health.

Over the years, she witnessed how nutrition enabled her clients’ innate healing abilities. She was excited to see their transformation to a happier and healthier self. Nevertheless, she felt something was still missing…

Watching the documentary e-motion, she found the ‘missing puzzle piece’. The moment she started studying The Wonder Method with Alain Herriott, she knew this was ‘it’! Energy healing is highly effective in releasing her clients’ trapped emotions, which is often the main cause of unhealthy eating.

In 2017, Sabine became a certified Practitioner of The Wonder Method. Adding energy healing to her skill set has contributed to helping clients more successfully in healing emotional eating and curbing sugar cravings.

The Wonder Method is a simple, yet extremely effective technique to apply to all aspects of life. It is a proven method, which has enhanced people’s lives globally.

Sabine interviewed her great inspiration and wonderful teacher, Alain Herriott (founder of The Wonder Method: TWM) about what TWM is and how it works. Watch the interview here:  

Are you looking for more energy, a healthy relationship with food, and to feel good in your body? Feel free to schedule a complimentary session with Sabine to find out how she could help you achieve your health goals:

Sabine speaks fluently Dutch, English, Italian and German. She is originally from the Netherlands and now lives in Switzerland, after having lived in Australia and Italy. She is a passionate globetrotter and offers workshops / coaching around the world.

For any inquiries, she is happy to get in touch!

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Most everyone that is on the path to self knowledge (the art of being) is doing so from the perspective of trying to achieve it.  Interestingly, it is this attitude that most holds us back from arriving at “Being”.  We must also remember that it is an evolving process, not just an end result. Many believe that we will arrive and that will be it.  In our experience, this is not the case, we are a constant evolution of awakening.  Today’s understanding is tomorrow stepping stone to more awareness and due to its subtlety, more Being.   Enjoy the journey.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott  

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