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Tyler Odysseus

Tyler Odysseus
Coach, Instructor, Practitioner

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1820 Park Newport

Newport BeachCA, 92660
United States

EVENTS & CLASSES BY Tyler Odysseus:

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Tyler Odysseus

Tyler Odysseus wrote the Wonder Method book with Alain Herriott from 2011-2014, publishing the book at that time.  He has been teaching The Wonder Method since it was founded 11 years ago.  Tyler has also been teaching Quantum Touch Energy Healing for 12 years.  He is known for his ability to See & Perceive Energy and for leading weekly Energy Healing Calls attended by hundreds of people. 

He regularly teaches 4-Day Wonder Method Level 1 & 2 classes, and 5 and 6-Day Live Quantum Touch Retreats up and down California and in New York.  He is currently teaching his Wonder Method and Quantum Touch retreats through Zoom and pleased to announce the return of Live Retreats at the end of the summer.

Tyler has since evolved the techniques even further including new, precise breathing techniques which get students into deep states of presence and wonder in short period of time.  Referred to as the back door to presence, when combined with the authentic feeling of The Wonder Method, boundaries of the self melt and we simply arrive at awakening.

A Note from Tyler:

The Wonder Method allows anyone to easily open themselves to authentic feeling and powerful energy work.  It is the most life changing modality I have discovered in an energy healing career spanning two decades.  The simplicity and effectiveness of this modality is unparalleled.

To book private sessions or register for Wonder Method classes

Text Tyler at 626-506-8216 or email

Thought for the Week


The Tao te Ching in Stephen Mitchells translation says in #2

When people see some things as beautiful, other things become ugly.  When people see some things as good, other things become bad.

Being and non-being create each other.  

Difficult and easy support each other.  Long and short define each other.

High and low depend on each other.  Before and after follow each other…….

Comparisons, in our lives we tend to compare most everything.  It is how we relate to different experiences and it is what underlies our need to Judge.  While these comparisons have their place, the need to be right or wrong, to justify an action, leads us deeper into drama vs balance.  The art of sensating is what allows us to move beyond the need to be right or wrong, to bypass the mind and enter being.  We invite you to feel the sensations that arise within you, especially when feeling conflict, and to let them change, evolve and in so doing allowing yourself to BE.

~Alain & Jody Herriott

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