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Xavier Bary

Xavier Bary
Coach, Instructor, Practitioner

PHONE: +33622461018



29 rue des fleuristes

cambo-les-bains, 64250


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Xavier Bary

After ending his scientific and business studies, Xavier has been involved in Corporate Social Responsibility to support the sustainable development of the local society. Following successive healing crisis  He has been looking for the most effective ways to heal himself and find the Wonder Method to be the best tool to create a new life and reality around him.

Part of his work has been focusing on seeing and perceiving energies moving in the body and dealing with emotional issues. He is now using theses skills to help others reawaken their sensitivity to subtle energies and discover their healing ability.

On his path, he found The Wonder Method™ to be an extremely fast opening tool to improve perceptive and intuitive skills and resolve deep emotional challenges. He is now a WM instructor and coach people using this method.

Xavier is a former Quantum-Touch™ and Seichim-Sekhem-Reiki (SSR) ALL LOVE practitioner.
He is also an AIDA freediving instructor and a Janzu (Water therapy) trainer.

Through the development of Seeflowing;, he aimed to offer the best personal development tools to people on the journey of self-discovery, expansion and most importantly…deep love.


Thought for the Week


The Tao te Ching in the first section says “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao”.  It goes on and on about the desire to know and the willingness to enter the mystery explaining that both arise for the same source… the unknown.  If we think of feeling as the connection that opens us to the mysterious and over active mind that keeps us caught in the drama of life, we begin notice a pattern. Sensation allows us to experience an open ended life, one filled with the mysterious.  The over active mind keeps us caught in the continual mind story, the drama that never ends.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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