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Private Healing Sessions or Coaching

What does a private session consist of?

Private sessions are tailored to each individual’s needs.  For some this is a straight energy healing session.  Tell the practitioner or coach what you would like to work on and they will focus on that issue and whatever else they may find.  From time to time throughout the session the practitioner may ask for feedback and updates as to how you feel at different stages of the session.  

Another type of session is a coaching session where the coach works one on one on any aspect the courses we teach or on a specific aspect of something that may have been learned either in a private tutoring session or from a class.

Sometimes a session is a combination of both of these approaches.

If you would like to make an appointment, please choose the appropriate person (practitioner or coach/instructor) and include a brief explanation of what you would like to work on and some dates that might work well for you.  Be sure to include your time zone so the practitioner has a better sense of what might work best. (Alain Herriott is not currently offering private sessions as he is focusing on teaching courses.)


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What People Are Saying


I liked everything, all the people, the teaching… having a manual to follow, clear instructions, gentle guidance, music, the hands on learning, the laughs and pictures and sharing… and the energy of the group… It was a very enjoyable class… It was wonderful having such step by step guidance to learn the process. Thank you, Namaste! –T.S.