The Wonder Method Level 2, Deepening the Journey #33


12 available.


The Wonder Method Level 2, Deepening the Journey

Come join us and deepen your understanding and application of The Wonder Method.

  • Magnify the skills learned in the first class
  • Extend and broaden your understanding of flows and currents within yourself and others
  • Understand the subtleties with processing and learn to let them unfold you
  • Experience deeper, fuller awakening into the now, riding the flows from the formed into the unformed
  • Develop and practice your abilities in order to become a Wonder Method coach

Prerequisite: The Wonder Method Course or individual coaching sessions with Alain.  If you have questions as to whether you are qualified to take this course please email us at  

Event Date: Tuesday,  September 10, 17, 24 October 1, 8 and 15th

Start Time: 6:00PM
End Time: 8:00PM
Physical Location: Via Tele-Conference
Attendee Limit:  12