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Into each life a little rain must fall

Into each life a little rain must fall. This kind of statement keeps us in a world made up of drama. It causes us to always fear that we will not be fully successful no matter what we do. This is why, in The Wonder Method™, we process, to deconstruct this sort of limiting view through feeling. And we Wonder (an evolving state of possibility) our way into an always flexible set of possibilities that can and will carry us into an amazing moment, the present—the most powerful place there is. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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Lives to change

Generally people want their lives to change but are afraid of how it might come about, how it might change their world.  When we allow ourselves to feel and unwind our fears about change, we realize that change is always happening.  We also realize that we will open to change in such a way that it will bring us joy.  We will have the experiences we crave through opening as opposed to pushing. In so doing life becomes balanced and satisfying.  Alain & Jody Herriott

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