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Intention and Attention

Intention and attention. In many disciplines intention and attention are baselines within the application of their work. The Wonder Method uses them as well. Many models use them with a very active or critical mental approach.

In TWM we use them only as a way to access sensation. This is where things get interesting. Feelings, or more accurately stated, sensations, arise and are given greater access by lightening the amount of attention we apply to an intention. For example if you want to touch your toes (this is the intention) most would bend forward and reach or push the body as far as the flexibility allows, and how far you got would be the result.

With TWM we choose to make it more of a journey versus an end result. We allow sensation to be enhanced by using the Breath with Wonder, and then allow that added sense of continuity to be present in our body while gently and gradually descending or pouring toward our toes. Any strain or overt stress is counter productive and implies the mind has gotten overactive and is striving. We still have an intention, to melt or flow toward our toes but only to the extent that this motion continues to be connected to a sense of inner continuity or flow.

When we reach the limit of that action (ie. touching our toes), whether we have reached them or not, or exceeded that action (like palms flat on the floor) then we reverse the motion continuing to experience that flow as we flow back up.

The whole purpose of the exercise is discovery of inner continuity versus touching the toes. This brings an entirely new spin on movement and when this is applied to emotional upset or limiting beliefs everything changes. We reawaken to the discovery of being, much as we did as a young child.

~Alain & Jody Herriott

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Continue down the rabbit hole

As we continue down the rabbit hole of self-discovery it is so amazing to find that within us all is an extreme quiet, and within that is a sense of balance the defies explanation. The Tao te Ching says you can’t know it but you can be it. Suffice to say we agree. Feeling at the sensation level will take you there if you only choose to begin the journey. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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As we continue the journey of feeling

As we continue the journey of feeling and unwinding our limiting beliefs our foundation of understanding evolves. This allows us greater insight. For example, the Tao te Ching #10 says: “Can you coax your mind from its wandering and keep to the original oneness?……” As you unwind your emotions the mind quiets. Now sensations begin to be sensed throughout your body, seemingly moving through you of their own accord. You are experiencing a flow, a sense of balance and at the same time an unwinding of limiting experiences. You have arrived in Presence. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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There comes a time on the feeling journey

There comes a time on the feeling journey when you realize you have touched the edges of everything that is associated with our world as we know it.  This is when things get really interesting, for everything that you now encounter is completely new territory. There are no familiar points of reference, there is only the unknown and the infinite possibilities that this creates. So feel, be willing to go beyond your boundaries and enter the new world that appears at your feet.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott 

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