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Listening to our self talk

So much of our life is spent in listening to our self talk and believing it.  It’s not that what it is saying is good or bad, it’s that it never stops, no rest.  That is what drives us nuts.  In order to bridge the gap between the overactive mind and a harmonious state, we simply feel the sensations within us that are always there.  Feeling our feelings vs simply talking about them brings us into “presence” and balance in our lives. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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There is an inner world and an outer world

There is an inner world and an outer world.  The inner world has many levels. There are the feelings that we have about our day (this is a bit of an inner and an outer mix).  There are the sensations within us as well that link to a state of being.  It is continuous and never ending.  The outer world is truly a reflection of the sensation level of us.  We don’t usually realize it but it is there none the less.  The art of feeling at the sensation level is what awakens the first inklings of being; this immediately begins to modify and balance the world we see around us.  Take the time to feel, it is a world without end and the presence and beingness that it offers is priceless.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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Presence don’t leave home without it

Presence— don’t leave home without it. Funny phrase eh? Most of us go out the door to begin the day and are leading with our heads. We forget about our bodies and the associated sensations as they seem too subtle or too much trouble to pay attention to. In reality we really should allow ourselves to feel throughout our bodies as the day begins. In this way we arrive at our destination fully integrated. We are more effective in the work place and we connect with our coworkers as the day unfolds in balance and harmony. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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In the last thought for the week we spoke of each moment being precious

In the last thought for the week we spoke of each moment being precious. If every moment is precious how can we live without worrying that we are wasting our life?  The limiting beliefs and the sensations they provide are the perfect entry point through which change can be facilitated.  Feelings are always with us.  While they may be pushed away through mind chatter, they are still there whenever we are willing to give ourselves access to them.  These issues then become the arrow to point us in the direction we should open.  And by allowing ourselves to feel them we find US, meaning our unfettered whole self; untainted by expectations and living in the present.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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Watching the clouds in the sky

Laying on your back watching the clouds in the sky is an experience of presence.  Feeling our feelings and allowing them to carry us like drifting clouds leaves us on the shore of presence as well.  There is nothing to attain here, presence simply is and the opportunity to feel the vastness of wonder smooths the path.  Enjoy the journey.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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You do not change the world

You do not change the world, the world is changed by you.  This may sound a bit like double talk but it is so very true.  When we attempt to force change we create a kind of conflict, a deepening of the drama so to speak.  If instead we become present and find the point or state of balance that exists within us, we change our relationship with the issues that we are in conflict with.  This allows change to occur and things simply work.  When we practice this, life becomes a meditation. ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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Looking, feeling, presence

Looking through the air at sunset I see the light haze and the gentle glow of the oak trees as the light shines through.  The air offers the sense of a gentle touch on a late summer day.  A moment in time, an example of presence.  Breathing is effortless and an inner glow of balance and rightness is simply there.  Each moment offers these types of experiences.  Are you willing to be there and enjoy them?  Take a moment to feel and let your feelings carry you into a deeper experience of now.  Every sense we have carries us and supports us gently leading us into who we are.  –Alain & Jody Herriott

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Presence through feeling

Presence.  We hear so much about it and what it supposedly means.  There is also the idea of being “grounded” and how that goes hand in hand with presence.

Presence for us is a feeling that we experience.  It is a sense of being aware that we are settled into our bodies and really integrated with it.  This in turn gives us a sense of being grounded and connected not only to ourselves but to what is around us as well.  A deep abiding satisfaction and inner wholeness.  Feeling our feelings takes us there; it is a surprisingly short journey when we stop striving and start letting our concerns unfold themselves.  ~Alain and Jody Herriott

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