The Wonder Method

The Wonder Method™

In this 2-Day Live or Tele-Conference Workshop we:

  • Explore wonder and see what “becoming as a child” can do.
  • Experience your stressful emotions and dispel them.
  • Experience stillness within yourself without boundaries.
  • Find a whole new way to live and be.
  • Redefine how you approach any situation in your life: Health, relationships, weight loss, earning money and much more.
  • Use the Wonder Method™ for self healing and healing others.
  • Practice suspending judgment and beliefs in order to grow beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Change the mundane to the exquisite.
  • The Wonder Method™ is the most important work we have ever experienced and now we share it with you.

The Wonder Method™ shifts you at the foundational level; the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. It is like pushing a reset button for your life. You can then use these tools to affect the most basic aspects of your health, and your relationship with your entire world. This is truly astounding work and is the culmination of more than nine years of research and experimentation. We teach you how to begin the journey of awareness and freedom, allowing you to rediscover your unlimited self.

You will unlock yourself from the status quo using a combination of breathing, gentle movement and feeling, allowing each day to be an expression of joy and freedom. Here the only limits on your life are those that you impose on yourself. The Wonder Method™ is your avenue to a joy beyond compare.

Prerequisites: None required

What people are saying about the workshop:

I liked the simplicity of the work. Thank you so much for coming. Really appreciate it. Had a great weekend. Hope you do it a gain sometime. Cecile Myslicki

The workshop was mind opening. The explanations were clear for this kind of complex subject. Michael Cantor

I liked the ease of learning the method. Josie Budz

I liked that this work is concise, precise, very detailed and a framework that I know that I can work with. I am so grateful that I may/will explore possibilities… and quit working with the drama and limitations. Merci Ginette Lagimodiere

I love the way Alain manages to get us to leave our rational mind behind. I’m definitely going to work with this– thank you Alain. Val Clemens

I liked the practice part ( or doing) and the feedback that went with it. It made me feel more confident. L.

I love the fact that it is experiential. This method really resonates with me. I have been processing feelings for years, but this gives me a simple way to do it and adding wonder accelerates the process and makes it fun.

The whole workshop puts life into perspective… that is, the game that it is. It gave me the opportunity to do it for myself and with a group… which is an added component for me. Also, to apply it to healing is an added bonus. I enjoyed both days immensely. Thank you Alain. Simone Morin

The workshop gave me tools to use just now, when I really need them, not knowing what I’m doing here, in this place (the world), feeling like this—? I really liked the method of processing—embracing the feeling, the way you do that, going deeper and feeling Much Quieter. Better than thinking it out! Thank you Alain for coming– your work that led you here. I am always looking for ways to expand my world but The Wonder Method is very helpful, step by step. Karen Reimer

We were able to work through emotional issues very quickly with ease. Issues melted away and healing occurred very rapidly. Being able to perceive energy is very useful and really helps the student (myself) to learn the techniques very quickly. You are very personable. Walter Andrejowich

Learning to believe that my feelings are what they are and not judge and let it just be. Allow myself to be! See you next time! “I will wonder and feel to get out of writing exams!” T.

I liked the whole workshop! It taught me how to quiet my mind, redefine how I approach situations in life and all the steps offered. Totally enjoyed the workshop and Alain. Debby Balamatowski

I liked it all. It was very informative. I feel like I can use it everyday. Thank you. Myrtle Poersch

I liked everything, all the people, the teaching…. having a manual to follow, clear instructions, gentle guidance, music, the hands on learning, the laughs and pictures and sharing… and the energy of the group… It was a very enjoyable class… It was wonderful having such step by step guidance to learn the process. Thank you, Namaste! T.S.

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