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Dr. Amina Shaaban, MD

Are you feeling emotionally drained? Always on the go with no time for you? Easily upset by yourself, other people or events? Thinking too much? Unable to relax? Feel something is missing?, struggling to find work life balance ? I would love to help you. My name is Dr Amina Shaaban. Licensed practicing medical doctor, Forensic Physician working in Yorkshire, UK. Qualified as a medical doctor since 1993. Wellbeing Coach since 2013, currently focusing on balancing emotions, work life balance and studies life balance. Certified Wonder Method Practitioner, Coach & Instructor. My varied medical specialties career path as well as my curiosity and experimentation mindset has taught me the healing power of natural foods, play and power of balancing emotions. Each approach has taught me a great deal about healing. Applying these methods to myself, family, friends and clients has been very inspiring. I would love to help you feel empowered, more playful, and to be more present in the flow of ever changing present moment, unwind/unfold/melt layers of unbalanced/unhelpful emotions, Rediscover your original-authentic best self and bliss. I guide you to find harmony, balance and wholeness, so you can live a full, inspiring and meaningful life. I use The Wonder Method, This method is very gentle, kind, and sweet. It promotes being, rather than doing, encouraging effortless action in alignment with our own nature, rather than striving and struggling with what is not from our own place of balance. In fact the more we align with our natural best self, the more we achieve – with minimum effort! Join me in the wonder method workshops live on Zoom •30 minutes 1 to 1 private session priced at £50 British pounds per session. •The Wonder Method Level 1 or level 2 , Group class, 2 hours once per week, 6 consecutive weeks, maximum 4 students per class. Priced at £300 British pounds per person for the whole duration of the course. Mon, Fri, Sat (level 1), Sun (level 2) •On request, I do arrange family and or friends private group class, maximum 4 students per class) If you love to work with me please get in touch Email: Tel/WhatsApp: +447880627120 Please pay here -