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The mind creates

“The mind creates those things that exist.”  ― Terrt Tempest Williams, PIeces of White Shell

We look around us and we see what we see.  We say this is real and this is what it means.  Someone, maybe a friend or maybe just some random person looks at the same thing and says “No, it means this and I know that this is real and it is the only thing it can mean.”  Such is Maya, the illusion of the senses.  Everything we see, everything we hold as an absolute truth is an interpretation of what our senses experience, and all this is colored by our beliefs, our thoughts.  This is what twists the world askew between people, communication and being.  It may seem odd to include being in this description,  yet it too is a truth.  As we unwind our internal conflicts and beliefs we find our whole self.  This is the nature of being.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott