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The Wonder Method Level II #43


March 21, 2024 –
April 25, 2024

TIME (Pacific Time):

7:30 pm –
9:30 pm

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Aimee Hanson
Zoom – link to be announced
This 12 hour workshop is taught live on Zoom by Aimee from California/Pacific Time. We meet on zoom for 2 hours over 6 Thursdays: 3/21, 3/28, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, and 4/25.
Aimee Hanson
Pricing Details:
Price is in US dollars. I accept payment using stripe or venmo (email me for payment link by clicking Register Now button). My previous students are welcome to attend this workshop for $450. Please text or email me in order to activate the past-student-discount.

Learn new ways to allow your energy river to change, inviting yourself and others to smooth their internal conflict with grace and ease. 

🤍 In this class we will explore developing our sensitivity to opening our consciousness. We focus on feeling very lightly and allowing change. 

🤍 There are a number of ways to experience the sensations that arise. Allowing the sensation to evolve is the key.

🤍 Learning to unfold yourself is what sets you free and, it helps others as well. It allows them and everything around you to be less restricted by you (or your attitude).

🤍 The “universe” is always offering to us. Let yourself open to experiencing it, as opposed to forming it. The Wonder Method is a yin style of energy healing. We practice sensing sensations while experiencing a more open space.

🤍 You will begin to notice where your fears lie and how you have identified with separateness from other things. This isn’t necessary, it is just a habit. The main thing is to note how you feel.

🤍 Practicing helps you get more comfortable with sensing energy, and as you do, you will find that your ability to sense subtlety will climb rapidly. 

You may be interested in group processing, learn more here

  • Small workshop format with plenty of 1:1 guidance from Aimee
  • Support in-between workshops
  • The Wonder Method handout provided before our first workshop
  • Each workshop is recorded so you may download the recording and have it forever
  • Please practice what you’ve learned; practicing helps you resonate to your desires. This is how you get what you want (the only reason we don’t have what we want is due to inner resistance). You *can* join with your fear and shift out of it. There are 20 techniques to learn in Level 2. Pick a few you love and get good at them. Experience your life softly transform. Practice ✨

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Develop your discipline, master your emotions and quit sabotaging your joy so that you can authentically live your purpose.

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