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The Wonder Method Level II #38


January 5, 2024 –
February 9, 2024

TIME (Pacific Time):

7:00 pm –
9:00 pm

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Aimee Hanson
Zoom – link to be announced
Price is in US dollars. I accept payment using stripe or venmo (email me for payment link by clicking Register Now button) or you can mail me a check. My previous students are welcome to attend this class for $450. Please text or email me in order to activate the past-student-discount.
Aimee Hanson
$450 if you register by 12/31/23. Price increases to $550 in 2024.
Pricing Details:
This 12 hour workshop is taught live on Zoom by Aimee from California/Pacific Time. We meet on zoom for 2 hours over 6 Fridays: January 5, January 12, January 19, January 26, February 2 and February 9.

🤍 Learn new ways to allow your energy river to change, such as feeling while listening and feeling while talking; practice new ways to move energy, inviting yourself and others to heal their issues. Tune in and allow the tension to unfold in wonderful new ways.

🤍 Experience your next level of wonder and awe; sense your and others’ energy shifts and changes

🤍 Enrich your Level I practice (Level II offers more tools to heal self and others)


Bring an end to thinking your way around emotional “rough seas”

The only reason we don’t have what we want is because we have resistance to it. When worry, fear and anxiety hit .. it’s a real struggle. The Wonder Method™ is a practice to feel your feelings. … and let the method melt the resistance. You are here for a reason. Learn Level II and follow your path of least resistance.

Feeling distracted can show up as .. 

Not feeling safe, feeling lost, lack of clarity, unexpected change and others’ emotions taking a toll on you. Stress creates excess cortisol which causes immune system repression, blood sugar increase and weight gain due to sugar cravings.

What contributes to and drives the stress response?

Worry. Overwhelm. Social anxiety. Fear of the unknown. Comparing self to others. Family challenges. Financial conflict.

How does The Wonder Method™ help with distractions & stress?

Level II teaches how to further develop your sensitivity. We will discuss the nature of presence, the act of being present, and how it aids you in life. I will also teach a number of new ways to approach feeling the feelings and opening your consciousness. We will get really good at consistency of presence. We will play with paying attention, on a subtle level, to the sensation.

🤍 Gain the knowledge.

🤍 Practice the tools.

🤍 Quit the unchecked drama.

Break free of what’s holding you back
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