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Deborah Gair (Deeya Siddhi)

Deborah Gair
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Deborah Gair

I’m from Scotland and am an intuitive, an energy psychologist and a spiritual guide who has been practicing Quantum-Touch for 18 years now, having helped to introduce it to the UK and Europe in 2002. I invited and incorporated The Wonder Method into my practice quite a few years ago and have been applying and extensively exploring this highly sophisticated, elegant and yet completely simple process to everything and everyone who’s approached me in that period…and what I can confidently say is that the results are absolutely astonishing. In that regard, I am now a certified Practitioner, Coach and Instructor of The Wonder Method, as well as of Quantum.

As a natural healer with the ability to clearly perceive the subtle Life Force Energies, I completed my Quantum-Touch Advanced-Level training and subsequent apprenticeship with both Richard Gordon and Alain Herriott in the USA and Hawaii (Kauai). I then went on to teach Advanced-Level Quantum-Touch classes worldwide for many years (the original Supercharging and Core Transformation), with Quantum-Touch. As well as a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Instructor (Levels I; II; Self Created Health; Art of Youthing; Supercharging; Intuitive Development (Seeing & Perceiving Energy; & Immersions In Infinity)), and being Quantum-Touch Inc.’s Director of Awakening; I’m a qualified Scientist; Nutritionist; a Practicing and Teaching Reiki Master; and an Advanced-Level Practitioner of a whole host of Meridian Energy Therapies, including E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique.) Having trained with the legendary Doctors Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, I also hold qualifications as a Master Practitioner of N.L.P. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy.

A trained Counsellor, specializing in Grief and Bereavement, in Abuse and severe Trauma alleviation, with a wealth of experience of working in Hospice Care, I hold a Pearl in ‘Specialised Dementia Service’ and have expertise in all aspects of mature citizen care, including Alzheimers and Parkinsons. This was inspired and borne through my being privately Sat and Mentored within a lineage of the United Kingdom’s finest and most highly respected Spiritualist Mediums, Sensitives and Guides in the unfoldment of Awareness… Consistently and for many decades.

With a life-long curiosity, I have investigated, in-depth, the pioneering works of those at the forefront of Consciousness research, in furthering the experience, exploration and advancement of Consciousness, expanded Awareness and discovery of Self, including attendance at Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment, The Robert Monroe Institute and the IONS Institute Of Noetic Sciences. 

Through specialisms in Release Technique; Silva Ultra Mind; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (The Work); and a vast multiplicity of approaches to Accessing Consciousness through Meditation and the Wisdom Teachings of the Ages, I have been very fortunate to have, my whole life thus far, been within the cusp of the tutelage of a wealth of great Masters, upholders of many traditions throughout my travels of the world.  I lead rare, exclusive and remote Retreats to this effect. You can also find me (“Deeya Siddhi”), as Worldwide-Authorized Mentor & Meditation Facilitator with Sri Rajiv Kapur, Master of Advaita Vedanta and Kriya Yoga, assisting those who seek to realize their Self nature. 

My areas of highest refinement in ‘resonance work’ include RV & EI (remote viewing, energtical intelligence and communication);  and I have a very specific interest in, and growing experience of, assisting children (& adults) with mental and behavioural capacities considered as “different” and also in working with horses as a Whisperer since I have the capacity and great love to commune with pets and horses to facilitate theirs and their carer’s well-being (through The Monty Roberts’ & Join-Up approach) and this is where The Wonder really comes in 🙂

I adore my daily practice of Essence Qi Gong… dancing with the poem of the atoms in nature!

The Wonder Method truly is a highly sophisticated, elegant and yet completely simple process that anyone can learn, apply and achieve rapid results. That stated, I look forward to helping guide your transition toward the key to freedom that I have been fortunate to discover …

I’m happy to travel to practice and teach The Wonder Method. My regular Quantum class is in Seeing & Perceiving Energy within the Intuitive Development Program and is entitled Immersions In Infinity…  New dates will be posted soon.

Here’s what others have to say  :

“… I cannot thank Deborah enough for the true and genuine compassion she demonstrated during our sessions. I can only say that life definitely has taken on a whole new meaning and purpose since we met. I feel transformed on every level. I highly recommend her to others in need of comfort, healing and guidance.” Cynthia, London

“When I saw Deborah for the first time, I was a self-confessed physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, shipwreck! The specialist techniques she used to alleviate my state were not only highly effective and incredibly fast but were delivered in a manner and atmosphere of absolute support and kindness. Hats off to her.” Mark, Edinburgh

“The next day …” (after a distant healing session) “… I woke up feeling more supple and the crack in my lower back which I heard every morning for the last 13 years was no more. The experience strengthened my interest in the technique and I am looking forward to learning more.” Peter, Reading

A percentage of the proceeds from all that I offer through my facilitation of others goes toward making a difference to the various meaningful causes I am involved with.


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Ram Das said: “Somewhere inside, everybody knows that there is a place which is totally fulfilling.  Not a desperate flick of fulfillment, it is a state of fulfillment.”

As we allow our sensations to be experienced, our orientation shifts from achieving for the sake of achieving, to living a life that brings fulfillment. This leads to true happiness.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

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