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Wonder Method Retreat in Costa Rica


December 4, 2023 –
December 8, 2023

TIME (CST Central Time – 2 Hours later than Califonia – 1 hour late than the East Coast):

8:00 am –
8:00 am

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica with a few online spots available
8 AM to 3 PM with a short snack break around lunch time.
Tyler Odysseus
Pricing Details:
1950 USD

Available online or In-Person in Tamrindo, Costa Rica. We will have a morning program that goes 7 hours with a quick snack break at lunch.  We will spend the afternoons exploring the area and basking in the energy of the class. Registration is through zoom whether attending in-person or online. Starting Sunday to give people a chance to travel Saturday.  Click on full description below.


Spend 5 days in Costa Rica floating into a state of pure presence with Wonder Method book co-author, Tyler Odysseus.  Alain and I spent about 3 years writing and editing the Wonder Method book, making it easily digestible, and yet ensuring that the book remained a journey that could lead you to a state of presence and awakening.  Now the journey continues with the Wonder Method retreat in Costa Rica. Full of many new techniques that may someday be the foundation for a new class, we will still start at the beginning, and yet go easily into states of presence so deep, that you will emerge transformed, your true self at the forefront of your being once more.

With a daily morning schedule, we will rediscover the Wonder Method breathing techniques in new ways, and layer in many new techniques including The Breath of Presence, The Field of Accommodation, new ways to open quickly, and sensing the effect of your consciousness on the fabric of reality. The Lynch-pin new technique is something I discovered a full 8 years ago while working with Alain a couple times a week, and recently discovered just how to teach to other people. This new technique is called The Frequency of Presence, and it is a frequency that can be invoked as often as is desired and merged with in order to become present almost immediately under almost any circumstances.  It acts as a back door to awakening, or a shortcut, in order to experience the state of presence whenever you want to.

Underneath it all, we are all pure joy, ecstatic at the sheer bliss of being alive. The Costa Rica Retreat is a celebration of that, as we learn feeling, processing, healing, and walk ourselves into a lasting state of pure presence.  Ready to explore life from this space of ecstatic joy at simply being alive.  

We will spend the afternoons exploring Costa Rica in a blissful state, swimming in the ocean, or exploring the jungle.  I look forward to meeting you and seeing you there.

The nearest airport is Liberia.  Local Hotels are reasonably priced.  Enjoy a vacation in Costa Rica in a state of presence and joy. The picture is of the actual venue in Costa Rica.

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