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The problem with introspection is that it has no end.

“The problem with introspection is that it has no end.”  ― Philip K. Dick

This is what the mind does, it looks, examines and judges, going on and on without rest.  We can break this cycle of internal overactivity by allowing our feelings to have a role in our life as well.  While it does take some practice the rewards are well worth the time spent.  Feeling and thinking should support each other as opposed to excluding each other.  The act of allowing feeling and the mind to have an equal role in our lives is what leads us to have a quiet mind that is effective and peaceful.  We find that now we can simply be and in so doing experience who we really are.  –Alain & Jody Herriott

So what does it mean to BE

So what does it mean to BE?  We so often hear about Being, as Ram Das says Be Here Now, Now Be Here, Here Now Be.  So many words and really a simple thing to do.  All it requires is the willingness to feel, to unwind the seeming limitations within us and in so doing arrive at Being. It is what is there when the internal conflict dissolves.  The odd thing is most people will strive to obtain this and certainly some will achieve Being in this way.  However almost anyone who is willing to feel will find themselves effortlessly in a Being state as the blocks are unwound and the striving and yearning drops away.  The mind becomes quiet, understanding is present.  Enjoy ~Alain & Jody Herriott

I dream of things that never where

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask, why? I dream of things that never were, and ask, why not?” – Robert Kennedy

And so the mind looks and judges and stops the dream.  It holds to old ways and is afraid to let you dream beyond what is comfortable, what it is used to.  Through feeling we break this habit and move into whatever we would choose to dream.  Now we have set ourselves free and everything is possible.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

Conquer the anxiety of life, breathe

“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”–Amit Ray

So often we hear this kind of suggestion and as everyone breathes, the opportunity to use it is there for all of us.  Within it is the chance to discover sensations that lead one deeper into awareness than most would believe possible.  It is so simple when we are willing to feel the breath.  Feeling really is always safe and it will always lead us deeper into discovery. –Alain & Jody Herriott

The ocean can calm itself and so can we

“if  the ocean can calm itself, so can you. we are both salt water mixed with air.”  —Nayyirah Waheed

Within us is a tumultuous ocean of feeling.  When we are caught in these currents of mental unrest all we see is conflict. Through feeling those feelings and allowing them to unwind we return to calmness.  This occurs naturally when we are no longer caught in our mind this is a natural state of being. —Alain & Jody Herriott

Looking, feeling, presence

Looking through the air at sunset I see the light haze and the gentle glow of the oak trees as the light shines through.  The air offers the sense of a gentle touch on a late summer day.  A moment in time, an example of presence.  Breathing is effortless and an inner glow of balance and rightness is simply there.  Each moment offers these types of experiences.  Are you willing to be there and enjoy them?  Take a moment to feel and let your feelings carry you into a deeper experience of now.  Every sense we have carries us and supports us gently leading us into who we are.  –Alain & Jody Herriott

Awakening and Self-Realization

“Your unrest is the last cramp in your legs as you climb this mountain.  Rest awhile if like. But do not return to your old house.  It is not your home any longer.” –Shyamananda on maya, self-realization, bliss.

Awakening is done in stages and the action of doing so may seem difficult, like climbing a mountain.  This is only because you believe that awakening requires you to strive and often suffer in order to achieve it.  Through feeling our feelings and allowing the integration of body and mind that results from this action, we arrive.  Believing that we need to strive is simply a view from the corridors of maya.  Relax, open and become, realization has been with you all along.  –Alain & Jody Herriott

Creation of the World

“The creation of the world did not take place once and for all time, but takes place every day.”  — Samuel Beckett, Proust

Our lives are like this; each day we are creating, evolving. Having said that we also desire things to stay the same in our lives, giving us something that we believe we can depend on. Yet give us too much consistency and we feel stale, bored and crave change. This paradox is the opportunity, creating the bridge between the desire for things to stay the same and for things to change. It is this inner conflict that drives us to look for new ways to be.  Feeling is what carries us over the bridge, bringing us to a new way to be.  It allows us to enjoy the consistency and embrace change as well. ~ Alain & Jody Herriott

Accomplish your Dreams and be free

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” – Anatole France

What we believe either sets us free or ties us down.  That is the nature of beliefs for as we find the boundaries of what feels possible and impossible we can allow ourselves greater and fuller freedom.  All it takes is the willingness to feel into these boundaries and we find we are again free to dream and be.  ~Alain & Jody Herriott

Beliefs and how we live

“As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is an example of how deeply beliefs influence how we live.  When we realize that we are standing in our own way we have the opportunity to choose to change at a fundamental level. The art of feeling and unwinding our limiting beliefs provides us with a whole new way to live: happy, free and amazing.

Thought for the Week


We are often asked just what is The Wonder Method?  Probably first and foremost it is a subtle, simple, yet counter intuitive way to become incredibly present.  Other names for this might be “awake”, “grounded”, or “balanced” within ourselves.  Beyond this it is a model that can be used to offer healing to others and to unwind limiting beliefs and experiences until calm and balance are experienced within us.  If we take it further it is also a way to step beyond the common view of reality or Maya and begin to live in satisfaction and joy.  This all starts with feeling at the sensation level and everything evolves from there.  We encourage you to feel; it is wonderfully satisfying. ~ Alain & Jody Herriott 

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